Committing to routine service and maintenance is an essential part of keeping your car, truck, van or SUV running strong. For that, it helps to have a local mechanic you can trust. In the Knoxville area, Mr. Cool’s is proud to be that auto care professional. Too often, we take our brakes for granted until they start acting up. But remember, the ability to execute a controlled stop is directly related to your overall safety. Mr. Cool’s brake expertise will ensure the safety of you and your family. Below you can find some of the telltale signs of brake problems.
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Brake Problem Warning Signs

We’re Mr. Cool’s, known throughout the Knoxville community for quality brake maintenance and repair. If there’s one thing the majority our customers will tell you, it’s that no brake repair job leaves our shop until it’s been properly fixed, at which point, you can be sure, we’ll stand behind our work. From the beginning (1995), we’ve been busy earning a reputation for excellence in brake repair. One of the reasons for that reputation, aside from being able to fix cars quickly and correctly, comes from the fact that we like to keep our valued customers in the know. Whether you’re dealing with brake warning lights, a flat tire, squeaky brakes, or a shaky steering wheel, the auto care professionals at Mr. Cool’s are prepared to handle it!

Brake Warning Light Comes On

Your Car Pulls to One Side when Braking Instead of Stopping in a Straight Line

When Applied, Your Brakes Grab, Causing Jerky Stops

Brakes Grind with Continuous Loud Metallic Noise when Applied

Brake Fluid Very Low or Very Dirty Looking

Brake Pedal Is either Mushy or Very Hard to Depress

Brakes Must Be Pumped to Work Properly

Wheels Are Excessively Hot After Short Drives

Brake Fluid Leaks Are Seen around Any Wheel or in Engine Compartment, near Master Cylinder Location

Automotive Excellence

Since 1995, Mr. Cool's Has Delivered Quality That Drivers Can Set Their Watches To.

For your convenience, our computerized car maintenance system tracks all car repair work and factory scheduled maintenance. You can trust the expert crew at Mr. Cool’s. Contact us at 865-470-0890 to schedule your appointment for a transmission repair, another auto repair, or to even set up a used-car purchase inspection.

A transmission repair is a very technical process. At Mr. Cool’s, you can rest assured that we have the ability to properly diagnose your transmission problem.

With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, experience, and knowledge, we’ll get your car back on the road with a transmission repair or transmission replacement. Transmission problems generally fall into two categories: either your car won’t run or it won’t run smoothly. Usually, transmission repairs are necessary because of a problem with one or more of the following systems:


At Mr. Cool's in Knoxville, TN, we understand the fear of hearing those two dreaded words: “replace transmission.” When you bring your car to us, you’ll never need to worry that we’ll hit you with unnecessary repairs or services.


We have been professionally providing quality Knoxville Brake Repair Services since 1995. All replacement parts are of the highest product quality and backed by Mr. Cool's AC Transmission & Brake Service brake warranties.


We offer a special air conditioning diagnostic service plus a premium repair package using environmentally-friendly refrigerant and quality components. A good air conditioning system is a must in Tennessee with the humid conditions.


We offer coupons and complete automotive service and repair, and unlike other auto repair shops throughout eastern Tennessee, we don't take kindly to mediocrity or subpar customer service. At Mr. Cool's, you always know what to expect!


"Excellent service! We are on a road trip, in a Jetta, and needed work done ASAP to make it in time for a wedding. We called a bunch of places, no luck. So we stop at autozone down the street and a nice man recommended Mr. Cool, and we’re so glad he did. We were a little lost on where to go not being from around here. We were back on the road within a couple hours. Thank you!"

"This was my first time here. I got my back light bulb replaced and it was fast and a good price. Everyone was nice and polite. The owner and her son were really nice as well. Definitely will be back."
"Mr. Cool is the place to go for my Auto A/C service needs! The floorboard on the passenger side of my car had been flooded all summer long and they took the time to unclog my drain not once, but twice within a two day period… and it only cost me the initial 1/2 hour of labor they originally had charged me. Definitely will be bringing back all my vehicles for any Auto A/C needs!"
"Best in town. I have been going to then for years. I have even bought a vehicle from them and it was in excellent condition. The service is great. Aaron is very knowledgeable and very detailed about his work. If you're looking for honest people that won't just push stuff on you. This is your place."
"Awesome place. I would recommend it to anyone needing any sort of AC work. They found my problems and replaced the parts same day for a great price."

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