Brake Repair Services

Committing to routine service and maintenance is an essential part of keeping your car, truck, van or SUV running strong. For that, it helps to have a local mechanic you can trust. In the Knoxville area, Mr. Cool’s is proud to be that auto care professional. Too often, we take our brakes for granted until they start acting up. But remember, the ability to execute a controlled stop is directly related to your overall safety. Mr. Cool’s brake expertise will ensure the safety of you and your family. Below you can find some of the telltale signs of brake problems.


Brake Problems Warning Signs:

  • Brake warning light comes on
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking instead of stopping in a straight line
  • When applied, your brakes grab, causing jerky stops
  • Brakes grind with continuous loud metallic noise when applied
  • Brake pedal is either mushy or very hard to depress
  • Brakes must be pumped to work properly
  • Wheel(s) are excessively hot after short drives
  • Brake fluid leaks are seen around any wheel or in engine compartment, near master cylinder location
  • Brake fluid very low or very dirty looking

Mr. Cool’s AC Transmission & Brake Service brake service includes:

  • Recondition rotors or drums
  • Install new pads or new/re-aligned shoes
  • Check brake fluid and fill as needed
  • Adjust rear brakes, if necessary
  • Re-pack wheel bearings/replace seals on non-drive serviced axle
  • Road test vehicles
  • Additional parts and/or labor extra as required or suggested